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"Hard-Wired" Set-List For 9/9/05

The following was transmitted on on Friday September 9th, 2005 from 2-4 PM EST:

Azure Ray- Displaced/Safe And Normal
Strange Boutique- Chant The All
Opium Den- Seven Seas
Camera Obscura- Eighties Fan
The Cure- Numb
Siouxsie And The Banshees- Placebo Effect
Siouxsie And The Banshees- Belladonna
Bel Canto- Agassiz
Christian Death- Deathwish
Faith And The Muse- Hollow Hills
Trance To The Sun- Spider Like

Skinny Puppy- Smothered Hope
Front 242- Lovely Day
Nine Inch Nails- Sin
Kraftwerk- Expo 2000 (Live At Coachella)
Die Krupps= Germaniac
Sensorial Response- Primitive Intellegence
Evil's Toy- Victim Of The Sun
Neuroactive- Manipulator
Forma Tadre- Serpent Charmer
The Echoing Green- Seaside

Requests can be left at

Tune in to

I will be in New York for CMJ, so no Hard-Wired next week. I will be back with The Factory on Thursday September 22nd, 2005 from 11-Noon EST and Hard-Wired will be back Friday September 23rd, 2005 from 2-4 PM EST.

Until 2 weeks.
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